Size Guides
Below are various sizes and a description to help you visualize how big they are.
This is followed by a suggestion of aproximately how much the various sizes can accomodate.

5 X 10 is about the size of a Walk-in closet and will hold about a 1 bedroom house or apartment. 

10 X 10 is about the size of a Small bedroom and will hold about a 1 - 2 bedroom house or apartment.
10 X 15 is about the size of a Average bedroom and will hold about  2 - 3 bedroom house or apartment.  

10 X 20 is about the size of a One car garage and will hold about a 3 bedroom house or apartment
 OR 1 car or boat.  

10 X 30 is about the size of a Extra large bedroom and will hold about a  3 bedroom house or apartment AND one car or boat.