How much does a storage unit cost?
Rates are monthly and vary based on convenience and size. Any of our storage consultants can help you determine your specific storage requirements give you a free estimate based on that.
How long do I have to rent a space?
Customers sign a month-to-month agreement. This provides you with maximum flexibility.
Do I need to insure my belongings?
That is up to you. We do not directly sell insurance, but we can provide you with information from companies that we would recommend that specialize in Storage Insurance.
Who supplies my lock?
You do. We do have locks available for sale on site if you need one. WE recommend a disc lock to ensure the highest level of security.
What is the difference between access, gate, and office hours?
The office hours are the hours of operation for the property. During these hours the Store Manager will be available to assist you with your storage needs. The gate hours are the hours of the property, and when your unit can be accessed. If you require access outside of our standard gate hours ask your Store Manager for information about 24-hour access gate card key.
Are my stored belongings safe?
Our Storage Center is outfitted with state-of-the-art security with16 24hr surveillance cameras and other safety features. All of your belongings are stored in your own private storage room. You keep the key. No one else can gain access except you and those who you authorize.  The Lincoln City Police Department is immediately adjacent to and overlooks the property.